Tips for Finding and Choosing Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors

Running a pharmacy means dealing with many vendors and suppliers, and it’s important to find the best pharmaceutical wholesale distributors for your company. You also want to ensure that you continue to work with the best pharmaceutical wholesale distributors over time, rather than simply choosing one that works well for you now and assuming they’ll be the best choice for years to come.

Searching online is probably the best way to find pharmaceutical wholesale distributors, and this is a good opportunity to not just find companies but to compare prices and other elements of their business. It’s important to note these other elements because some will quote the price for their materials alone, without mentioning things like shipping and freight costs, import fees, insurance costs, and so on. Many assume that some pharmaceutical wholesale distributors are cheaper than others because they’re looking at material costs alone and not these additional fees as well.

Most companies use a system where they track several different companies and their quotes for all their supplies, and this is a good thing to do when working with pharmaceutical wholesale distributors. You typically want to compare pricing and other factors from at least three separate companies so you know you’re getting the best deal. For smaller pharmacies a simple spreadsheet can be in order or you may want to invest in a software package that tracks this type of information for you.

When you work with pharmaceutical wholesale distributors and you use a multiple quote system to track their quotes, remember to include all the elements of their quotes. Price for materials alone is not the only information you want to note, but remember shipping and insurance and these other costs. You may find that two companies are close on price for materials but one’s shipping costs is well above another pharmaceutical wholesale distributor’s quote. When you compare all elements like this you know which one is truly the better choice.

Moving forward, continue to get new quotes from new pharmaceutical wholesale distributors. This will mean that you know you’re purchasing from the best company regularly. Rather than simply picking one company and sticking with them for years, make a schedule of when you’ll get new quotes such as every quarter or at least every six months. The time you spend finding new pharmaceutical wholesale distributors can pay off when you realize the cost savings down the road.

Shopping online for new pharmaceutical wholesale distributors can give you the opportunity to find those new companies that will save you money down the road. You can compare quickly and easily and see if changes should be made to your buying habits, or at least know what other options are available.