Numerous drug manufacturing companies hold patents for the types of medicines they produce, and these drugs are exported to other countries that need them all over the world. With the process of exporting drugs being a specialized, as well as complicated process, few pharmaceutical exporters have the expertise for shipping and handling to get these medications to their destinations. A Plus USA Corporation is a licensed, registered pharmaceutical exporter that supplies medical institutions, pharmacies, doctors, the military, and hospitals all over the world with the pharmaceuticals they need. We ship FDA approved drugs to overseas clients with the correct documentation so that your order will not be delayed by customs and excise when it arrives. Our catalog covers all drugs, narcotics, generic medicines and pharmaceutical supplies, all approved by the FDA.

If you read our credentials on this website you will note that we have over twenty years of experience in this industry, so you can certainly deal with us with peace of mind. When you order FDA approved medications you will have less trouble getting them cleared through customs departments, and the same applies for imports of medicines and drugs into the United States. We deal with all sized orders from bulk to smaller orders required by healthcare professionals, always striving to provide a results-driven service for client satisfaction. Our inventory consists of a full variety of original name brand medications, narcotics for surgery, chronic treatments, and related products for pharmacy outlets, from vitamins to dietary supplements.

With such a huge selection of different medicines on the market, it may often mean getting what you need from a few different suppliers. Besides being time-consuming trying to source the best prices, it can cost you time, money and frustration if your exported medicines are held by customs. A Plus USA Pharma can supply you with the largest selection of FDA approved drugs from numerous manufacturing companies in the United States, and when they are shipped they will carry the correct documentation for clearance in your country. Without a full drug report it can result in the medicines having to be tested from scratch, which can mean lengthy delays before they are cleared for your waiting customers.

Read some interesting articles and further information on this website to give you a background of the services we offer as the leading pharmaceutical exporters in the United States. We regularly update our catalog with the latest drugs after they have been approved by the FDA’s stringent testing process. It is useful to stock supplies of both generic and authentic name brands of drugs and narcotics, giving your patients choices between the two. For people without health insurance the generic will be the attractive option being far cheaper. Now that you have discovered the top rated pharmaceutical exporters online in A Plus Corporation, difficulty sourcing all your medication requirements can be a problem of the past.